DJ EVEREST Inspired by the top of the world!

DJ Everest (in daily life: Joost), has been musically active for years. Already at the age of 8, the boy born in Vlissingen (Netherlands) took his first music lessons and being creative on the keyboard. Later on he got interested in digital techniques, in which he saw new potential for developing his creative mindset. After finishing high school he studied Multimedia & Interaction Design in The Hague. In 2005 he received his Bachelor degree.

After a short assignment taken on the development of the web shop of nobody less than DJ Tiësto , he started working in professional IT.
Since September 2005 Everest served as a Test Specialist for several big organizations in the Netherlands. Due to his busy work weeks, a threat arose for his DJ career. Fortunately, his DJ career never ended. Actually, some really interesting performances are lined up (see the list below)!

At the end of the millennium, Joost developed a growing interest in the dance scene and everything around it. The famous DJs of that time served as a big source of inspiration for him and motivated him to start exploring his own mixing skills and what it's like to bring people on the dance floor in an ecstasy with the power of music.

So he bought professional equipment and many Euros were spent on records. Pretty soon he started to have a favorite dance style: trance. Already within a year after he started DJ'ing, Everest got the opportunity to prove himself on Dutch national radio. On a Saturday night on Radio 3, he battled among other more experienced DJs in a DJ contest. Interactive voting from the listeners made DJ Everest the underdog, and caused a big surprise in the contest. He received a good score, a 7.7 out of 10!
Much feedback was received during and after his performance on Radio 3. Of these, one was unforgettable: A taxi driver from the other side of the country called to the studio, asking when DJ Everest would finally finish his set. Not because he did not like the music, but because his clients were jumping in his car on Everest's tunes. They didn't want to get out of the taxi!

Everest is quite involved in the Dutch dance scene. At the beginning he was focused on trance, but just like the world wide music scene evolves, his style has developed.
He stays focused on trance, but in his performances nowadays he's also using the best available material from other music styles; from mainstream dance and groovy club up to progressive trance, hard trance and techhouse.
As many often say you can't put just one label on music styles and Everest knows how to bring that into practice by blending diverse styles perfectly together in great mixes that are full of energy and interesting to a wide range of people. It's not all about the music style, but about bringing people in ecstasy with the best beats.

Everest is developing his producing skills at the moment, in order to create his own music tracks. With that he will be able to add something extra to his performances and to increase his popularity in the dance scene.

Below you'll find a list of some of the most remarkable parties/clubs that featured DJ Everest behind the decks.

Mixx Nederland Verkiezing - Radio 3FM, Hilversum
Sogeti in Concert - Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam
Opening and Midsummernightparty - Surfclub Jumpteam, Scheveningen
Technics Dutch DJ Championship - De Tempel, The Hague
The Velvet Lounge - Mumbai, India
Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland: Liberty Locals - De Piek, Vlissingen
Megafestatie - Jaarbeurshallen, Utrecht
Chill Out! - De Bijenkorf, The Hague
Discotheek Xenon, Wijk aan Zee
KPN QA party - DB Studio's, Utrecht
Gearjunkies @ DJ Expo - Auditorium, TU Eindhoven
SOL, Amsterdam
Queensday - Me Gusta, Amsterdam
DJ2DJ Beachparty - Mecca, Scheveningen
Beachparty IDP DJ Meeting - Mecca, Scheveningen
Wedding Michiel&Perla in Green White, Oostkapelle
Wedding Eric&Marleen, Utrecht
Wedding Dennis&Yuko, Het Heerenhuys, Rotterdam
The Nighttrain, Middelburg
Club Flaix, Middelburg
Café Nr. 18, Middelburg
Nationaal, Vlissingen